Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chill dude.!

Hai semua....

I-city rocks.!wakakka..pergi ramai2 mmg best.
cousins especially.

actually ada ramai lagi..

me and aisyah,.



Saturday, December 3, 2011


Assalamualaikum people....

wow.!this was my first time being at we know, there were UMNO general meeting...
okay,no politic here..
I just want to say, I'm happy being there..seriously banyak sangat garage sale..!!hahaha..
but,xdak la memborong sakan...
then,listening to the speech given by leaders...mmg energetic semua..

okay,there are few pictures ....
have a look...

7 Leaders..


Friday, December 2, 2011

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Assalamualaikum and hai semua...=)

such a long time i'm not updating this blog..bukan apa,malas saja..hehhe..
up to now,i've been staying at home almost 3,there'll be one month left before I go to UTP..

ok,back to main topic..actually i've just came back from Kelantan.!only 2 days..too short but i think it is enough because this is not the first time i go there...hahaha..

we know that Kelantan sedang dilanda banjir hebat...but,when i go there it getting clear...the Sun kept shining and brightens up our,there's no problems to go anywhere..!
from the top,about 29 000 ft I saw everything....the floods absolutely..!memang seram la..

we went to Pasar Siti!!banyak gila kain,tudung,batik,makanan tradisional and so on...
apa lagi SILA BORONG...

and we went to tempat lain lagi...hahaha....malas nak tulis dah...
what I can say, it was a nice and islamic country...
we can see there were many banners everywhere saying :
 "Semoga Allah melindungi tuanku dunia dan akhirat"..
" Islam dijunjung,Raja disanjung,Rakyat dipayung"..


"Thank you for flying with us,hope to see you in future.."-Kapt. Faris
p/s: bila pergi airport apa yg korang suka tengok..?
me: cari pilot.!haaha..

29 000 ft from ground.!


ooopsss...spe ni..?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Jangan la kau bersedih...
          Coz everything's Gonna be OKAY...

Feel tired and bored with the same things...

thinking of friends....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Minds of young people

Salam and hai was such a long time I've never writing here...
just finishing my final exam and now about two weeks i'm in holiday...hahahaha...
another 3 month and 2 weeks to go...
but up to now, I'm still searching a job that suite with me...
I'm now staying with my grandparents in Penang...luckily I've a car with me...
but,I can't go anywhere by myself unless the place is near to house..adooiii...
can't wait to go back to KL..why?
because my family are staying there..

okay,back to the you are staying with the old folks, they may share everything with you..
sometime they might talk about other people to us...
same goes to mine...what I can do?..just hear and give my opinions..
for your information, I don't like to interrupt people's business..

now,I'm at my cousin's house in Alor Star...I gained new experience!! walking at paddy!!..
we always chit-chat about anything...but,when it comes about marriage, I totally don't like it..
for me,it's too early to think about that..but, you need to know about that a little bit...
I've always have different opinions about it..

everybody wants to get marry with their partner...have a wedding reception at beach,garden and so on..
I kept thinking if the marriage is not a sunnah, I don't want to get marry...sorry to say that...

but,it is sunnah...

" Dosa bagi seseorang isteri itu kalau tidak taat pada suami...", ( Tahajjud Cinta,2011)..

such a heavy responsibilities for women..bila si suami suruh buat apa sahaja,si isteri kena ikut...
susah la macam ni..


ok,enough about this...that's why I don't want to talk about marriage because I've different views upon that..
I want to be free...


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Untung la..

Hello semua..currently browsing Mat Luthfi's videos...coz,I'm getting boring now.!
hahhaha..belum cuti 4 bulan lagi ni....

what do I mean with the title?...before that, I want to say sorry if I'm saying something wrong that may be hurt u all..or u all may have bad perception on me..

First of all, I just want to say :
 sape2 yang slim, tinggi tu jangan la nak cakap kau gemuk..! I hate to hear that unless kau memang betul2 gemuk.!hahhaa...
Untung la spe2 yang slim and tinggi,..can wear anything they need think whether it suite with u or not..
Sumpah, I'm getting jealous over it...

Never mind...thanks to God I'm being myself now...
okay la...
tu je nak bgtau..hahhaa

(p/s: perasaan ini timbul sebab tangok gambar orang di facebook..)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hello World..!
Today is my birthday...I'm turning to 19 years old already.Time goes really fast,sometime you do not realized about that...

Thanks for all the wishes people...facebook,twitter,sms,birthday cards...
Lucky to have friends....

May all your wishes come true beb..!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Alahai EPM

Post ini ditujukan khas kepada EPM..atau nama penuhnya :
              Electric Power and Machine.
study dah cover semua chapter, wow..!
tp tengok past year questions..
terus blurrr..mula la bermonolog : " eh bila masa belajar ni..,"..," x belajar pun.."
adeh...epm oohh epm..

kenapa la kena belajar subjek ni?..meche ada kaitan ke?..nasib baik Pn Rosma kata just belajar yg basic..
kalau yg course Electronic?..hahhahaa..ambek kau..

adoi.macam mana nak ambik exam ni..sedangkan xyakin..aku rasa Vector Calculus lagi okay..
xdak la rasa macam nyawa-nyawa ikan time study..hhahaa.."Hyperbola ".

okay la..need to go..otak dah jammed..
xboleh berserah lagi selagi belum hari Ahad,jam 9.00 pg di Blok B..
saat itu,baru aku akan berserah kepada Yang Esa.

p/s: please don't do such bad things  that can't destroy my mood ..!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

51st post.!

Not to late to wish Selamat Hari Raya..

but now,seems to be stress because of exam.!..

tired of studying..but afraid to face the exams.

don't forget my birthday this Saturday..hahahha..10th Sept 2011..

i need more privacy..sorry if I've hurt you guys..



they make this writer create a joyful smile..

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Striving for Final Exam...

Below, I attached my exam time table..
Have a look ye semua...

dah le final exam lepas raya!!!
eleh,kau mcm x biasa je..
SPM dulu okay je...

(p/s: SPM lain..senang je..hahaha)

p/s: luckily no exam on 10th Sept...why?
it's my birthday..!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

A minutes that bring thousand smile

Chatting through social network..
with your family,cousins,friends....

I miss the old time...
Wo ai ni
I love you
Aku cinta padamu
Tiga kata paling bermakna
Tapi jarangnya didengar
Naan unnai kathalikaraen
Tiga kata paling menyentuh
Tapi jarangnya disebut

Thanks People

 Just want to say :
  " A millions of thanks to friends who are really concerns and care about a tragic incident that happened  lately"

Never expect something like la,before this I'm doing everything on my own..
But,now there are friend that will do it...
It's good to be in engineering course,because you will have many boyfriends...hahahhaaa...
They might help you in everything except giving answers in final exam...

They are the best..

(p/s: last night I told to my friends when we are in the car...:
" I need a man right now"..
then, everyone stunned about 2 minutes upon hearing that,hahahhaa...
ejad says: " yeah, we need them in this life...."

I just want a man to be with me while I'm driving especially at night...
sincerely...trauma punya pasal..hahhaha..



Thursday, August 11, 2011

Serba tak kena

Hai semua....Selamat Berpuasa..=)

Tepat jam 10pg bermula la TEST 2 EPM khas untuk budak2 MECHE JAN'10..hahhahhaa

soalan2 nya..?...waaaahhh...mmg sebijik dlm buku, tp sayang memang hampeh!!!..
memang mengecewakan...
study bagai nak gila..eh2,x gila lagi..still waras until now..hahhahaa..

xpe la...nak buat cm ne..
anyway, sem ni mmg ada 3 killer subjects...sem depan lagi la...
nama pun engineering stream,mesti la tough2 beb..!!

aku pun xtau la nk kata pe...dok terbayang my future dh..eh2,bukan psl marriage ye...
x termasok lagi dlm list tu...
pikir psl pointer,nnt graduation cm ne,keje kt ne...haisyhhhh...banyak betul...
belum lagi pikir nak cari Mr Bean..hahahhaa...

ok la..memang hari ni xdak mood sebab EPM nye pasal...!..
minggu depan 2 test menanti : STATICS & VECTOR CALCULUS..
semoga berjaya SAKINAH BEE...=)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Ada apa dgn tarikh ni?
Bagi aku,date ni amat special especially time kt mrsm pdrm...
Sebab birthday seorang guy ni yg aku really respect ...
but, aku just assume him as a brother until now.

Tp kan,hahhaha...mse form 1 memang minat ar kt dia..stalk abeh2 ahhh...
tp,sayang,dia dh berpunya...sampai skrg kot diorg stay..
insyaAllah, x lama lagi dpt kad kawen ar aku nnt...hehehhe..

Hmm,malas nk citer panjang2....
pe2 pun,

xsabar nk dpt kad kahwin : C & J...

dia ni skrg kt negara di mana Doraemon diperkenalkan...
HEBAT x dye?


sje nk letak...
bersama Hajar Mahmood

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sakinah vs KIRANA.

Hai semua...Selamat berpuasa Ramadhan...=)

Okay,nak cerita pasal title kali ni..

Time kelas gamelan yg lepas,cikgu zaini tanya ada x spe2 nak masok SANGGAR KIRANA?
kumpulan GAMELAN UTP yg hebat dohh...jangan memain nagn diorang ni...
so,aku pun tulis nama dgn harapan dpt pergi audition pun jadik la...
x terlalu berharap pun tapi teringin...hehehehe...

sejak2 itu,rumate ku start panggil aku "sanggar kirana"..hahhahhaha..memang terbaek arr..
aku pun okay je and x kisah sangat..and suke..hahahha..ia sebagai doa untuk aku..aminn..

then,satu hari tu,kwn aku tny : " Kau ada dpt msg pe2 x?"
aku cakap la " tak pun.."..
dia cakap msg pasal " invitation to audition gamelan"...
Tuhan sje tau perasaan aku cm ne time tu..terima je la dgn hati yg pasrah...
ramai gak xdapat..just  5 org je..

aku gtau rumate ,yg aku xdapat dgn nada yg sedih tp muka slumber je..hahahha...
dlm hati spe yg tau..
sejak2 tu,dia panggil aku "KIRANA" and sampai sekarang terlekat...
hahahahhaa..memang nice la...and aku suke...
sekurang2nya,xdak la sedih sgt...

okay,kisah lama sudah berlalu..lets hope for a new thing..


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Berkawan biar seribu

Assalamualaikum and selamat sejahtera semua..
Pe khabar smuanyer?
Almost seminggu kita berpuasa dah..diharap semuanya berjalan dgn lancar..amin..

Okay,refer to the title above..
Nak tanya korang la..

"Apa perasaan korang bila kehadiran korang tidak diendahkan oleh org sekeliling??"

"Apa perasaan korang bila korang satu kumpulan dgn kwn korang yg ada geng dia sekali..?
e.g.: A & B ni 1 geng , then korang ditakdirkan untuk bersama ngan diorang untuk buat task.."

"Apa perasaan korang bila kwn se'geng' diberi keutamann sdgkan korang dh lama kenal dia..?"

"Apa perasaan korang bila geng tu datang kt tempat korang buat kecoh..?"

"Apa perasaan klu xdpt kasih sayang dr kwn?"..

Hmm,,cukuplah rasanya pe yg tersirat di hati ni..
This is a true story..

As conclusion,jangan la memilih dalam berkawan..
Dalam persahabatan,kita mengharapkan kejujuran..

FYI, i am a caring person..but,it is prohibited to the person that i'm not used to be...


Jika Diberikan Satu Peluang

Movie Still Tolong Awek Aku Pontianak

Jika diberikan ku satu peluang
Apa yang aku impikan
Pulihkan segala kesilapan
Jika diberikan ku satu peluang
Kembali ke masa silam
Kan ku pilih tarikh kita dulu
Bagai dijanjikan
Pertemuan singkat waktu itu
Bagai dituliskan
Pernah dulu ku sebutkannya
Pernah dulu ku ingkarinya
Bukan bermaksud
Melukakan hatimu
Ku lakukannya untuk kita
Ku lakukannya demi cinta
Bukan bermaksud
Maafkan diriku..
Jika diberikan ku satu peluang
Apa yang aku impikan
Diriku dirimu dulu
Jika diberikan ku satu peluang
Tembusi masa depanku
Kan ku suluh tiga tahun dari situ..
Saatnya terhenti
Seketika kau terima lafaznya
Saatnya ku nanti
Dikau bahagia..

Man.Tech Lab II

For your information , my Man Tech lab for this sem have finish and be compeleted successfully..
Thanks so much for my group members who are really kind-hearted, happy go lucky,gila2..and always cheer our day..

Let me describe each them..I'm so excited to be with them..hahhaa

  1. Faqar a.k.a paq2..- gila2,..gelak je keje..bab makan laju je kome ye..hahhaa..
  2. Chedtha - mulut xdak insurans..treadmark dia : " Memang le "..or " Agak2 arr....".
  3. Isfahan - baik.
  4. Redha- gemuk kerana bahagia brsama pasangannya..hahhaa...sentiasa cool and steady.
  5. Aqeel - 1st impression aku kt dia : garang..but,dia ni baik sgt2..senang get along with him.
  6. Teha_cun - baik..layan je kerenah aku..hahha
  7. Aqiqi- baik jugak.
  8. Neematova- mnjadi rebutan antara chedtha n isfahan..hahhaa..memain je..bab2 tiru report kami teror...
Hope our friendship will last forever...hahaha..bajet xboleh jumpa je pas ni..
We are course mate la..

my last result from cvn lathe..=)

lathe machine

redha ,chedtha..

later,I'll post pic of mine pulak...hahaha..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Stay Calm

Hari ni berlalu seperti biasa...pergi lab,gelak ketawa bersama kawan2..
tp,jauh di sudut hati aku,terselit perasann risau yg teramat sangat..

bukan dpt emergency call dr sesiapa..
I'm worried about my Kancil..dh 1 hari di workshop..Oh God..i'm really worried right now..

just finishing watching movie to make me feel more better..but,this feeling kept haunting me..
Nobody knows it include my family..let me solve it by myself..
sometimes, i kept thinking if i have a men so that he will help me..
maybe,later kot..hahhaa..

Ya Allah,tenangkanlah hati ku ini...=)
continue with movie...
bila nak start study ni haaa???

Sunday, July 17, 2011

"The best antiques are old friends."

 "You were the one who made things different, you were the one who took me in. You were the one thing I could count on, above all, you were my friend."
                                                                        - Tom Petty

"As we go on.. We remeber... All the times, we had together... As our lives change...come whatever We will still be friends 4-Ever " 
                            -Vitamin C~Graduation Day Song -Sent in by ~!~Brittany~!~

"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." 
                                                                   -  Donna Roberts

"Two may talk together under the same roof for many years, yet never really meet; and two others at first speech are old friends." 
                                                                - Mary Catherwood

"The best antiques are old friends."

"A true friend is the one who knows more about you than yourself and still loves you>" 
                                                                  - Sent by Suzie

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mummy's girl

Salam and hye I'm home..just for 4 days only...saja xnak bawak balik homework..malas nak buat...just nk focus on assignment VC....hahahahaa..punya pemalas btoi...wakakaka...=)

arrived safely at  my house in Penang on Wednesday mom cooked such a delicious foods for us..there were "kari ketam", spagetti,"bubur jagung"..hahhhaa..memang melantak la aku jawabnya..ibu pun tersentap tengok aku yg dok khusyuk menikmati setiap nya...hehehheee....

until now,asyik dok melekat dgn laptop je...hahhaha...esaimen x sentuh lagi..nanti je la..MALAS..!!..

from my observation until now,my mom really(3x) treat me as a little girl...kalah adik aku yg last...hahaha...jgn jealous ye bee...wakakaka.... i dont know what will happen to me and siblings if unexpected incident happened...

that's why when I'm home, i feel like a little girl..dah le kecik..adik2 waa lagi besar...
adik aku ciap kata..
  " kakak ni mcm budak kecik..."..hahahaa...pe2 je la labu oooiii...

when i'm being with friends i feel like a matured teenage girl...

different characters in different situation with different people...


Sunday, June 26, 2011


Just ignore me...dont ever stalk on me...
i hate this damn so much...!

i've never keep my eyes on you,so you?..

yes,i need privacy..need to be alone sometime to make me feel calm...
dont ever disturb me especially when i'm in serious mode,enjoying movies,eating,.studying..

my family never do this to me,so dont u dare to do it.!

and I dont care if you have stabbed back me...because i never disturb your life..

so,dont pretend to be nice in front of me,okay..

i don't have a big brother but i have *** ...!

this is what I want ..

Welcome Back.

Salam and hye semua...dah lama rasanya x datang berupdate di sini...
i kept open my blog,but nothing to be shared...
lately,busy with test,quiz,assignment and many more that really 'haunted' my life as students.

this week,i'm feel more free and feel lazy to do anything even my homework...

i just want to stay playing with laptop this weekend...not thinking about works..
how lazy I am??hahaa...

i kept updating my nice to see pics that i really love...
now,i'm being in love with flowers,gardens and more....
i'm planning something for my 4 month holiday...

at last, I'm proud to be myself now...I'm happy with my life now....
being surrounding with supportive friends always make me feel more calm and more confident..


Sunday, June 12, 2011


Actually,xtau nak boh title pe ...malas nk pikir coz dh serabut kepala otak ni..
petang tadi,puas hati aku dpt tengok si Nora Elena dr episod 17-20...
so,nxt weekend continue another 4 episods then,finish..!!!
and aku akan citerkan my point of view for this drama maybe in next post or later...

okay,sekarang...nk citer pe??
semalam bola..TERENGGANU menang..anyway,congratz to you...
KELANTAN ,good job...:) yg korang must know tentang aku..ckit2 dh le tau,xyah semua...

  • selalu inginkan privacy...
  • time tengah stress 'bekerja',tolong jgn ganggu..xpasal2 korg dpt 'hadiah' dr muka aku..
  • sensitive?xder la sangat...setakat bnd remeh-temeh,let it go je la..
  • like to make friends,tp kt facebook ,aku akan check dulu...xnk ditipu la..
  • aku ni jenis xkisah nye,jgn la risau ye..nk belajar berdikari  =D
  • xsuka kena marah and being nagging by people coz i dont like to do that to u..
  • jenis x demand nye orang,just accept what have been given to me..
  • i'll make sure everybody always satisfy with me and  vice versa..

enough for this i think...
renung-renungkan ye...
hopefully,korang xbuat pe yg aku xsuke....

nak jalan kt sini..=)

wish to feel this experience

may refresh my mind..

Man.Tech Lab

Excited punya pasal masok lab Man.Tech ni..hhehe...
Group aku pun mmg best..=)

i'm not a waitress okay..


ad lagi sbnarnya members...
nanti ktowg ambk gamabr lagi..heheeee

milling machine..

future engineer will come to lead the world,,AMIN..

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Okay,result sem 1 2011 dh keluar..duupp..dapppp..jantung aku berdetap..hahhaa

kwn aku dh heboh2..aku xnk check lagi,,bila pikir balik kan..

aku dh usaha sehabis mungkin..hanya berserah pd Allah je...

so,dgn yakin nye pegi check email....

agak surprise coz xsangka result aku camtu...

pe2 pun,terima kasih Ya Allah....syukur sebab xdak fail pe2...

new mission : work more harder,less playing...

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Tolong lah sedar bahawa aku sekarang berada di alam realiti...

bukannya fairytale..

sila bangun wahai tuan punya diri...

masih banyak cabaran menanti di luar sana...

all you need is strength to face anything...

Monday, May 30, 2011

1st Investment

Alhamdullilah khirnya berjaya jugak event : 

Basic Health Check di Kg Sepakat Jaya,Bota ..

cooperation with PHARMANIAGA BHD.

jam 9.30pg.: team diorg dh sampai..set up tempat...pegi panggil org kampung
then,sorg pun x sampai lagi..haisyhhh...risau aku..

muka PM???lagi la last,sorg pak cik yg masih gagah jd 1st customer...
then,makin ramai le org..

hahaha..sampai aku kena jaga counter registration sampai habis...but,at last tu PM yg buat sebab aku nak g check..

result???bagi aku terok le,so x perlu nk share di sini...umur badan paling xboleh diterima akal..hahaha..
yg lain just nice but still need to control..

so,new mission begin now..!!!!
jgn ajak nk pergi makan merepek2...western boleh lagi,,xboleh selalu..
nasi lemak v5???perghh dh lama xmakan.sabar2...
kena tahan,kuatkan iman...

here are some pics..


(p/s: baju besar...betul,x tipu)

kt kenduri kawin

di counter registration 

ok,bye semua..