Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Simple thing in life

Well, it is really hard for me to say 3 words that really important for everyone.
Including my mom,dad,family. It need the best time to say it!. hahahahhaa..

but, it is different today. i just can say it to them. including my friends.
but, girlfriends je la. if boyfriends, xpasal2 makan penyepak pulak!

anyway, I love everyone.

Monday, April 9, 2012

APRIL 2012

Hai people.! such a long time x update this blog. well busy women la katakan. hehehehe..

nothing much to say, just I hope this month will bring a much more happiness for me and all.

I hope to be more stronger inside & outside. Well, I'll not show off my weaknesses unless I've to do it!.

I really hope what I'have planned will run smoothly especially regarding my event. I love f1 so much !

Hey, this is not a sad post or anything, just want to voice out from my deep heart.

Glad to have many friends around me!! Study mode must on right now!

2 weeks to go for Final Exam! huarghhhhhhhh...........

Okay, that's all. Bye people.!

 (p/s: kalau nak barang tu, beli la...hehehe.. I can't watch people take what is mine..that's my principal)

Love her dress! look gorgeous.

hey, kak na miss you!