Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just sharing

Hi people. apa khabar semua? how's your day? apa target anda hari ni?
well, we must have target for each day to improve our self.

back to topic, just some words to be shared from what i've heard in TV show.

korang tahu tak apa itu "Suul Khatimah" ? maksudnya ialah 'mati dalam keburukan' . ini opposite kepada "Husnul khatimah" yg bermaksud 'mati dalam kebaikan'. Well, kita tak tahu bila kita akan mati. semua itu Allah tentukan. but, we must improve our self. increase our Iman, love Allah, and others.

Amalam utk elak dr "Suul khatimah":

  • Pelihara solat lima waktu anda. On time solat. 
  • Rajin bersedekah
  • Sentiasa membaca Al- Quran
  • Rajin berzikir
#Semoga kita sentiasa memperbaiki diri kita dari hari ke hari. In Sha Allah :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Life must go on

'Jangan Pandang Belakang'. not only refer to 'hantu' but everything in our life.

never regret with the choice that been chosen. yang penting 'NIAT'  kena betul .

apa-apa pun, syukur dengan nikmatnya.

#next year must be more series in studies. need to 'reject'...................

Friday, September 14, 2012

the Girls in Langkawi '12

As i promised, i'll post about Langkawi trip. We went there on 9sept and balik on 12 sept.
well, enough said 10 sept is my birthday!! make it a small celebration but really meaningful as we were in different place. being surrounded with clear water, sea breeze, the birds...wow, really calm my mind.
#stress exam katakan.

We arrive in Langkawi around 4pm, straight to our Motel. eating Laksa Pulau at the sea side and airport as well. that night, had supper at McD and of course celebrate my birthday! Thanks guys :D

on 2nd day, we went to Cable car. it's our first time being there, so little bit "jakun". hahahaha.
extremely excited but nervous sikit. tinggi woi!!then went for Island hoping with medium-sized boat.
visit Pualau Dayang Bunting, Pulau Pasir Basah,Pulau Singa Besar and went for eagle feeding.
i feel like a kid when suddenly shouting looking at the big group of eagle flying above us. hahahaha
the beach? jangan cakap la. memang cantik, the white sand, the clear water. beautiful fishes. in the evening, mandi at the Chenang beach.

on 3rd day, went to shopping!! boleh bikin gua gila tengok set pinggan-mangkuk  vintage :p .....
bought a bag of chocolates! wehoooo...then, went to Makam Mahsuri. the smell of the flowers..ahhh, so wangi...kami pakat-pakat dok ambik air kat telaga mahsuri, sapu2 kt muka. mana tau jadi cantik, berseri2! hahahahaha. that night, have a walk at the Chenang street.

last day, we went for morning walk at the beach. start packing our stuff and going back to Ipoh..
really enjoy the holidays with friends. and the money runs out smoothly,,hahahahaha..

i hope to be there again , coz want to be at Crystal yacht... being at the island, with sea breeze, crystal water make u feel calm, relax. away from any noises, disturbances...
enjoy the pics guys! bye :)


before departure.

1st day

1st day

me and faza at McD

at our Motel
at Makam Mahsuri

really love the 'radio' bag <3

at cable car

at Dayang Bunting place

with Eagle - the Garuda 

the 'buaian' of Mahsuri's baby. 

the fishes and the oyster. 

barang-barang kami after 3 days. 

Langakwi is full of history....

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Assalamualaikum and Hello people :)
dah lama kita tak bertemu. hehehehehe. well, i'm just finished my final exam for 2nd year studies. hopefully the results are okay. I can say Engineering is the MOST TOUGHEST subject. and I'm proud of myself even though sometimes I think I can't do it. always be positive. just don't be give up.

and now, the 4 months break begin! it begins with my girl-friends and we went to Langkawi! ohh yeah..
really had fun there and of course celebrate my birthday. I think this is the best present I ever had. hehehehe.
celebrate at different place with friends. actually before this my birthday will come across during exam, holiday. so, can't celebrate it. so, this 2012 was amazing! Thanks God.

How to start eh? lets talk about what I have done for this second year. maybe in the next post I'll talk about Langkawi. I think this 2012 was challenging for me. As my age getting higher, i need to think more. more matured! decision must be done correctly and wisely.
but, still i can't make a decision. it is proven when one of friend said to me during our group project. yes, its true. I'll keep improve it. hehehehe

Need to improve my leadership skill. as i'm becoming the head for my sponsor dept in UTP F1 CUP'12, i can see there are some silly mistakes i had done. next, being in group work you need to be more talkative, think creatively, be cooperative. so far, i'm okay with that. heeeeeee..
to think creatively? well it needs a deep thinking for me. yes, i like to imagine everything and sometimes i may know what will be in future. and some of that are true! woohohoho.
so, I'm sorry for my friends if i can't make the project or anything went well.

mis-communication among friends? yes, always happen. and it turns badly when we didn't talk for the whole day. so sad. just learn to give and take. lower your EGO. and of course respect each other.

I think i'm luck girl coz I have many friends. ye ke :o ? hahahahaha. eh, betul apa.
I really love my friends. girl-friends, boy-friends. they are the best!
so, enough said: Thank you my friends. Thanks for everything. I love u ollls. :)

I hope our friendship will last forever. I hope 2013 will give more 'presents' for me.
this is the last holidays. so, need to use it wisely. ecehhh, cakap je lebih, last2 kosong..kosong~~~

Raya at rumah Riza. Meche Gangnam Style!

Raya at rumah Sharir

RnA. at Bukit Larut!

with Pahlawan Negara at TEC 2012.

can this girl lead the world? :p
dynamics project.

half of my classmate. 


the girls lepak at tasek UTP 


me and cousins-raya 2012

like to do 'hidung kembang' style. 

me and rumate

my little boyfriend. we share the same birthday. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Self - checked.

Tanda hati keras : 
 payah memaafkan, terlalu sensitif, tidak boleh ditegur, suka marah, sentiasa nak betul dan lebih dari orang, sangat memandang pangkat dan harta dan melayan manusia berlainan- ara lembutkan hati ialah ingat mati atau ziarah kubur. Jom cari bekalan kehidupan kekal abadi. BIar orang buat jahat kat kita jangan kita buat jahat kat orang . bila dapat tak baik fikir apa tak baik kita pernah buat. audit diri setiap saat.

from: Prof Dr Muhaya. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ramadhan 2012

Hi everyone,

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan to all Muslim. may God bless you always.

 hope we can improve ourselves to be more better than today.

i'll try, but i know it takes time.


#maybe I should do one collection of pictures,goodies today. 

every pictures have it's own words. :3


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Di sebalik 2nd 1st

Salam readers, Alhamdullilah final exam was over! just tawakal . I've done my best, even the subjects really kill me...! now, I'm having semester break for a week,then new sem begin what??
It's called UTP life.
anda nak rasa? mai la belajar kt UTP. hehehhehee :D

anyway, this sem ( 2nd 1st ) is quite challenging! why? because I've to managed everything by myself.
kadang-kadang rasa mcm busy-women je. ke sana ke mari bersama document yg nak fax,pos.
penat weyh. makan pun cukup time.

study lagi. subjects yg tough lagi. #eh baru 2nd year. belum final year lagi. Ya Allah, tetapkan lah niat aku di UTP ni...amin.... :)

sesibuk mana pun, I still have time with friends. make new friends, hang out. but, I don't have much time for myself....hmm..apa nak buat. nak pi spa? pernah terpikit jugak. later je la. Sem ni jugak la paling kerap aku sakit. kejap-kejap demam,muntah,gastrik. busy je memanjang..........belum masuk working- life lagi ni.

apa-apa pun hidup mesti diteruskan. niat kena betul dan semuanya kerana Allah Taa'la.
kita merancang, Dia yg menentukannya. kadang-kadang terpikir,kenapa aku ambik engineering?
dah la susah! bukan apa, I'm MRSM student, dapat straight A's pulak. huhuhuhu...
tau je la perception orang lain if I've decided to take culinary at first!
senang, belajar pun relax je..muahahahhahaa!

I'll prove I'll be the best in engineering. kerja kt off shore, pusing machine. hahahhaa..
Ya Allah,beri la tempat kepadaku utk kerja di off shore. Teringin....Aminn..

Okay, that's all. Hope this coming 2nd sem will be more better and awesome than previous.
Have a look at these pics taken on my cousin's convocation day  :D

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rindunya Zaman high school !

I miss everyone! boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, DS, PSP,DSL,....hahhaaa

DS- dewan seri balas (tempat makan)
PSP - library
DSL - hall.

what I miss the most is my nick name that time.

most of them call me bee! that's why they always remember me because my name is unique! hahahaa. - perasan-

but. i'm not encourage friends in utp to call me that. because x sesuai! kuikuikui..
only certain, perhaps. maya,sha2,putri memang dah biasa. <3

Can't wait to attends my cousin's convocation this coming 14 may. I'm totally miss everyone.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Simple thing in life

Well, it is really hard for me to say 3 words that really important for everyone.
Including my mom,dad,family. It need the best time to say it!. hahahahhaa..

but, it is different today. i just can say it to them. including my friends.
but, girlfriends je la. if boyfriends, xpasal2 makan penyepak pulak!

anyway, I love everyone.

Monday, April 9, 2012

APRIL 2012

Hai people.! such a long time x update this blog. well busy women la katakan. hehehehe..

nothing much to say, just I hope this month will bring a much more happiness for me and all.

I hope to be more stronger inside & outside. Well, I'll not show off my weaknesses unless I've to do it!.

I really hope what I'have planned will run smoothly especially regarding my event. I love f1 so much !

Hey, this is not a sad post or anything, just want to voice out from my deep heart.

Glad to have many friends around me!! Study mode must on right now!

2 weeks to go for Final Exam! huarghhhhhhhh...........

Okay, that's all. Bye people.!

 (p/s: kalau nak barang tu, beli la...hehehe.. I can't watch people take what is mine..that's my principal)

Love her dress! look gorgeous.

hey, kak na miss you! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Flower Boys

I miss both of you... when I'm lonely,stress, I'll look at your pics.

Me love you.!

Kakak @ auntie kina...i don't mind..hehehe

Monday, March 12, 2012


  1. Friends keep asking results after check it on PRISM!
  2. I have to listen her/his orders which is not really benefits to me or them at all.!
  3. Everybody asked when to have a guy , when to be married...oh please, I'm still young.
  4. People borrowed my things and didn't give back.! that's mine okay.
  5. Friends ignore me.! i feel sad u know..
  6. She / He shouted,scold me in front of people
  7. There is too much works to do in  less time.
  8. People do not appreciate my hard-work for them.
  9. Break their promise & not being punctual!
  10. He/ She can not tolerate with me.
  11. He/She does not understand the real situation.
  12. Keep blaming on me even it is not my fault..
  13. He/She take what is mine.!!!!

okay, that's all..bye....