Monday, August 25, 2014

Flying high

Salam & Hi to all. Kaifa halukum?

Dah ada bsic arab, so boleh speaking la eh. ? Sekarang, baru rasa boleh breathe dgn success nya, because my schedule is too tight! Too much works. Mulut ni tak habis2 berzikir utk ringankan beban. Jangan RIAK please!

Back to the topic, dealing with too many works, different people, of course I'll behave differently.
I'm not saying I'm good in everything. Can handle works efficiently, but, haiissh too difficult to say it.
Conflicts are everywhere. I don't like seeking revenge, that's not my behavior! I'm not born to fight, quarreling with others.

I've right to say something to my friend. But, i guess i'm wrong by trusting he/ she, because the big conflicts have arise.  I'm so sad, from now on i'll never trust people, i'll just keep my words inside my heart and never tell to others. I guess, I'm now looking like a cruel, bad girl in front of others. (Muka je cantik, baik, tapi perangai macam apa) I'm so sad! A small matter turn to big and tall building like SPAR platform, then have ruined the friendship!

Its ok sakinah. One more sem to go, then you are free. I always say it to myself. I'm not weak, but people are looking down at me. I know I'm not good in engineering principles, but I can learn step by step.

From now on, i'll never trust people. I'm sorry for everything, and I guess I just want to go far far far away from here.

(taken from Kak Maria's)