Sunday, August 7, 2011

Man.Tech Lab II

For your information , my Man Tech lab for this sem have finish and be compeleted successfully..
Thanks so much for my group members who are really kind-hearted, happy go lucky,gila2..and always cheer our day..

Let me describe each them..I'm so excited to be with them..hahhaa

  1. Faqar a.k.a paq2..- gila2,..gelak je keje..bab makan laju je kome ye..hahhaa..
  2. Chedtha - mulut xdak insurans..treadmark dia : " Memang le "..or " Agak2 arr....".
  3. Isfahan - baik.
  4. Redha- gemuk kerana bahagia brsama pasangannya..hahhaa...sentiasa cool and steady.
  5. Aqeel - 1st impression aku kt dia : garang..but,dia ni baik sgt2..senang get along with him.
  6. Teha_cun - baik..layan je kerenah aku..hahha
  7. Aqiqi- baik jugak.
  8. Neematova- mnjadi rebutan antara chedtha n isfahan..hahhaa..memain je..bab2 tiru report kami teror...
Hope our friendship will last forever...hahaha..bajet xboleh jumpa je pas ni..
We are course mate la..

my last result from cvn lathe..=)

lathe machine

redha ,chedtha..

later,I'll post pic of mine pulak...hahaha..

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