Monday, June 30, 2014

Move on

Salam & Hi,

Selamat berpuasa to all. I feel like want to kick the punch beg. zzzzz.

I hate when people does not give respond when it comes to urgent matter. The dateline is coming.
But, no respond from others.

I'm not saying that I'm really good in that kind of work, but please take your own initiatives.
I'm also struggling in searching for information, put away some of my works.

Don't depend too much on your members. How you want to struggle in future, if selalu behave like this?

I'm not the person like to shout at people, being crazy mad. I'm the person like easy going, always be cool and only react when I can't withstand anymore.

I need strength for another 1 1/2 semester  to deal with those people.


I used to read this frequently to make my works easier. Alhamdulillah, semua okay.
This doa dah jadi my best friend.

p/s: just need some doa to deal with those people.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


Salam and Hi to all!

Today, 28/6/2014 was my little sister's birthday! happy birthday b! dh besar pun, sama size with me. hahahaa =P

Today, my first field trip since I was in UTP from 2010 -.- . I went to Sapura Kencana Petroleum fabrication yard! I'm totally amazed with the work area, roof top view. Sapura is a 2nd big company after PETRONAS as what being said by the crew. When I look at the workers + hot weather, I asked myself:

'Am I going to be a fabricator later???'

Standing for 1 hour pun dah bising panas, how to do work for 8 hours + overtime??
Is it the same situation at offshore?? I hope not, because I really want to be there.
Oil platform, FPSO,and more..Ohh, please give me the chance at least once in my lifetime.

Enough with that, wishing all of you Selamat Berpuasa & Ihya Ramadhan :)
Alhamdulillah, we manage to meet Ramadhan. May Allah bless us every moment. Amin..

Module for onshore LPG.

Module for LPG.

Rooftop view.

Ready to make a move!

Working area. Jacket is on your right, topside module for Jacket is on your left.

Gaya pergi site #tahanpanas

With TimFox (classmate). Behind us is Jacket.

Akak final year 1st time pergi field trip -.-

Happy 14th birthday b!


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tepi sikit

'Apa yang kau mahu
Semua ku beri
Apa yang kau mahu
Mahu apa lagi
Bagaimana aku pula
Aku serik
Jadi ku ingin jalan sana
Tolong tepi sikit
Tolong tepi sikit'

Salam and Hi to all. Oh, I feel like turning up and down for my final year. I need strength for another 2 semesters.

Why tepi sikit? I hate this feeling. The feeling when people does not appreciate you, does not even care about you. Maybe, i don't mind about it. but, i'm not that tough. 

It's different. The way you treat & behave.  I try to act like nothing happened, but I can't lie to myself.

p/s: i miss family. Emo x boleh nak balik, due to many workloads!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lets rock the final year!

Salam and Hi to all

Wow, why i'm so lazy to reach here?? I've many stories to be updated, but I'm quite busy lately.
Akak final year katakan. Well, now is Week 6 for my final 1st semester. Less than a year to be graduated soon, in sha Allah. Of course, I'm gonna miss my friends, girls, boys, classes,assignments, exams, utp, and moreeeee. cewahhh!

I've just finished my internship at SBM Offshore, Kuala Lumpur base. It is a very good company to learn with good environment. Good and supportive people, world leader in floating platform.
It was such a good opportunity for being there! Alhamdulillah. I've learnt a lot, meet new people, learn to be confident, independent. Waaah, I can even stand on my own unless I faced problems.
Good job, daughter!

As day goes by day in UTP, i'm kept thinking; 'Oh, i'm gonna miss this place that taught me a lot, from quite girl turn to be more independent and have strong survival skills' #lulzz
My friends (girls&boys), that always cheers up my life for 5 years in UTP. Gelak,ketawa,nangis,gaduh,lawan, tiru assignment quizzes, solution manual, final exam, ronda-ronda, makan,movies,jogs, swimming,meetings, and moreee. I can't even describe the whole of it!

Enough said, I just want to create the best memories in UTP! Lets enjoy the remaining days in UTP, my 2nd beloved place after home sweet home Penang!

Kak Marilyn

So sad, England is out from FIFA14. 

Mana prince charming ni? I tunggu lama dah ni

Akak akak.
With aunties or kakak2 that cheer up my 7 months of internship in SBM.

With girls at Ulu Kenas's waterfall. so syiokkk!

akak final year ber-selfie! 

Lantern festival katanya.

What I want by 2015.