Monday, September 26, 2011

Minds of young people

Salam and hai was such a long time I've never writing here...
just finishing my final exam and now about two weeks i'm in holiday...hahahaha...
another 3 month and 2 weeks to go...
but up to now, I'm still searching a job that suite with me...
I'm now staying with my grandparents in Penang...luckily I've a car with me...
but,I can't go anywhere by myself unless the place is near to house..adooiii...
can't wait to go back to KL..why?
because my family are staying there..

okay,back to the you are staying with the old folks, they may share everything with you..
sometime they might talk about other people to us...
same goes to mine...what I can do?..just hear and give my opinions..
for your information, I don't like to interrupt people's business..

now,I'm at my cousin's house in Alor Star...I gained new experience!! walking at paddy!!..
we always chit-chat about anything...but,when it comes about marriage, I totally don't like it..
for me,it's too early to think about that..but, you need to know about that a little bit...
I've always have different opinions about it..

everybody wants to get marry with their partner...have a wedding reception at beach,garden and so on..
I kept thinking if the marriage is not a sunnah, I don't want to get marry...sorry to say that...

but,it is sunnah...

" Dosa bagi seseorang isteri itu kalau tidak taat pada suami...", ( Tahajjud Cinta,2011)..

such a heavy responsibilities for women..bila si suami suruh buat apa sahaja,si isteri kena ikut...
susah la macam ni..


ok,enough about this...that's why I don't want to talk about marriage because I've different views upon that..
I want to be free...


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Untung la..

Hello semua..currently browsing Mat Luthfi's videos...coz,I'm getting boring now.!
hahhaha..belum cuti 4 bulan lagi ni....

what do I mean with the title?...before that, I want to say sorry if I'm saying something wrong that may be hurt u all..or u all may have bad perception on me..

First of all, I just want to say :
 sape2 yang slim, tinggi tu jangan la nak cakap kau gemuk..! I hate to hear that unless kau memang betul2 gemuk.!hahhaa...
Untung la spe2 yang slim and tinggi,..can wear anything they need think whether it suite with u or not..
Sumpah, I'm getting jealous over it...

Never mind...thanks to God I'm being myself now...
okay la...
tu je nak bgtau..hahhaa

(p/s: perasaan ini timbul sebab tangok gambar orang di facebook..)

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Hello World..!
Today is my birthday...I'm turning to 19 years old already.Time goes really fast,sometime you do not realized about that...

Thanks for all the wishes people...facebook,twitter,sms,birthday cards...
Lucky to have friends....

May all your wishes come true beb..!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Alahai EPM

Post ini ditujukan khas kepada EPM..atau nama penuhnya :
              Electric Power and Machine.
study dah cover semua chapter, wow..!
tp tengok past year questions..
terus blurrr..mula la bermonolog : " eh bila masa belajar ni..,"..," x belajar pun.."
adeh...epm oohh epm..

kenapa la kena belajar subjek ni?..meche ada kaitan ke?..nasib baik Pn Rosma kata just belajar yg basic..
kalau yg course Electronic?..hahhahaa..ambek kau..

adoi.macam mana nak ambik exam ni..sedangkan xyakin..aku rasa Vector Calculus lagi okay..
xdak la rasa macam nyawa-nyawa ikan time study..hhahaa.."Hyperbola ".

okay la..need to go..otak dah jammed..
xboleh berserah lagi selagi belum hari Ahad,jam 9.00 pg di Blok B..
saat itu,baru aku akan berserah kepada Yang Esa.

p/s: please don't do such bad things  that can't destroy my mood ..!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

51st post.!

Not to late to wish Selamat Hari Raya..

but now,seems to be stress because of exam.!..

tired of studying..but afraid to face the exams.

don't forget my birthday this Saturday..hahahha..10th Sept 2011..

i need more privacy..sorry if I've hurt you guys..



they make this writer create a joyful smile..