Sunday, December 11, 2011

Chill dude.!

Hai semua....

I-city rocks.!wakakka..pergi ramai2 mmg best.
cousins especially.

actually ada ramai lagi..

me and aisyah,.



Saturday, December 3, 2011


Assalamualaikum people....

wow.!this was my first time being at we know, there were UMNO general meeting...
okay,no politic here..
I just want to say, I'm happy being there..seriously banyak sangat garage sale..!!hahaha..
but,xdak la memborong sakan...
then,listening to the speech given by leaders...mmg energetic semua..

okay,there are few pictures ....
have a look...

7 Leaders..


Friday, December 2, 2011

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Assalamualaikum and hai semua...=)

such a long time i'm not updating this blog..bukan apa,malas saja..hehhe..
up to now,i've been staying at home almost 3,there'll be one month left before I go to UTP..

ok,back to main topic..actually i've just came back from Kelantan.!only 2 days..too short but i think it is enough because this is not the first time i go there...hahaha..

we know that Kelantan sedang dilanda banjir hebat...but,when i go there it getting clear...the Sun kept shining and brightens up our,there's no problems to go anywhere..!
from the top,about 29 000 ft I saw everything....the floods absolutely..!memang seram la..

we went to Pasar Siti!!banyak gila kain,tudung,batik,makanan tradisional and so on...
apa lagi SILA BORONG...

and we went to tempat lain lagi...hahaha....malas nak tulis dah...
what I can say, it was a nice and islamic country...
we can see there were many banners everywhere saying :
 "Semoga Allah melindungi tuanku dunia dan akhirat"..
" Islam dijunjung,Raja disanjung,Rakyat dipayung"..


"Thank you for flying with us,hope to see you in future.."-Kapt. Faris
p/s: bila pergi airport apa yg korang suka tengok..?
me: cari pilot.!haaha..

29 000 ft from ground.!


ooopsss...spe ni..?