Friday, August 19, 2011

Thanks People

 Just want to say :
  " A millions of thanks to friends who are really concerns and care about a tragic incident that happened  lately"

Never expect something like la,before this I'm doing everything on my own..
But,now there are friend that will do it...
It's good to be in engineering course,because you will have many boyfriends...hahahhaaa...
They might help you in everything except giving answers in final exam...

They are the best..

(p/s: last night I told to my friends when we are in the car...:
" I need a man right now"..
then, everyone stunned about 2 minutes upon hearing that,hahahhaa...
ejad says: " yeah, we need them in this life...."

I just want a man to be with me while I'm driving especially at night...
sincerely...trauma punya pasal..hahhaha..



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