Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tepi sikit

'Apa yang kau mahu
Semua ku beri
Apa yang kau mahu
Mahu apa lagi
Bagaimana aku pula
Aku serik
Jadi ku ingin jalan sana
Tolong tepi sikit
Tolong tepi sikit'

Salam and Hi to all. Oh, I feel like turning up and down for my final year. I need strength for another 2 semesters.

Why tepi sikit? I hate this feeling. The feeling when people does not appreciate you, does not even care about you. Maybe, i don't mind about it. but, i'm not that tough. 

It's different. The way you treat & behave.  I try to act like nothing happened, but I can't lie to myself.

p/s: i miss family. Emo x boleh nak balik, due to many workloads!

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