Thursday, September 13, 2012


Assalamualaikum and Hello people :)
dah lama kita tak bertemu. hehehehehe. well, i'm just finished my final exam for 2nd year studies. hopefully the results are okay. I can say Engineering is the MOST TOUGHEST subject. and I'm proud of myself even though sometimes I think I can't do it. always be positive. just don't be give up.

and now, the 4 months break begin! it begins with my girl-friends and we went to Langkawi! ohh yeah..
really had fun there and of course celebrate my birthday. I think this is the best present I ever had. hehehehe.
celebrate at different place with friends. actually before this my birthday will come across during exam, holiday. so, can't celebrate it. so, this 2012 was amazing! Thanks God.

How to start eh? lets talk about what I have done for this second year. maybe in the next post I'll talk about Langkawi. I think this 2012 was challenging for me. As my age getting higher, i need to think more. more matured! decision must be done correctly and wisely.
but, still i can't make a decision. it is proven when one of friend said to me during our group project. yes, its true. I'll keep improve it. hehehehe

Need to improve my leadership skill. as i'm becoming the head for my sponsor dept in UTP F1 CUP'12, i can see there are some silly mistakes i had done. next, being in group work you need to be more talkative, think creatively, be cooperative. so far, i'm okay with that. heeeeeee..
to think creatively? well it needs a deep thinking for me. yes, i like to imagine everything and sometimes i may know what will be in future. and some of that are true! woohohoho.
so, I'm sorry for my friends if i can't make the project or anything went well.

mis-communication among friends? yes, always happen. and it turns badly when we didn't talk for the whole day. so sad. just learn to give and take. lower your EGO. and of course respect each other.

I think i'm luck girl coz I have many friends. ye ke :o ? hahahahaha. eh, betul apa.
I really love my friends. girl-friends, boy-friends. they are the best!
so, enough said: Thank you my friends. Thanks for everything. I love u ollls. :)

I hope our friendship will last forever. I hope 2013 will give more 'presents' for me.
this is the last holidays. so, need to use it wisely. ecehhh, cakap je lebih, last2 kosong..kosong~~~

Raya at rumah Riza. Meche Gangnam Style!

Raya at rumah Sharir

RnA. at Bukit Larut!

with Pahlawan Negara at TEC 2012.

can this girl lead the world? :p
dynamics project.

half of my classmate. 


the girls lepak at tasek UTP 


me and cousins-raya 2012

like to do 'hidung kembang' style. 

me and rumate

my little boyfriend. we share the same birthday. 

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