Monday, March 12, 2012


  1. Friends keep asking results after check it on PRISM!
  2. I have to listen her/his orders which is not really benefits to me or them at all.!
  3. Everybody asked when to have a guy , when to be married...oh please, I'm still young.
  4. People borrowed my things and didn't give back.! that's mine okay.
  5. Friends ignore me.! i feel sad u know..
  6. She / He shouted,scold me in front of people
  7. There is too much works to do in  less time.
  8. People do not appreciate my hard-work for them.
  9. Break their promise & not being punctual!
  10. He/ She can not tolerate with me.
  11. He/She does not understand the real situation.
  12. Keep blaming on me even it is not my fault..
  13. He/She take what is mine.!!!!

okay, that's all..bye....

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