Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014

Salam and Hi to all,

Less than 12 hours we will meet 2015!  How time fly so fast! What I've done so far throughout this 2014. 2014 have taught me a lot, everything. More challenges, feelings, friendship, works, and more.Countless. All remain as memories.

1st half of 2014: I've met new people from SBM Malaysia. The place where I've learnt a lot about real working life. Staying in KL with friends for 8 months, really challenging. I'm becoming more independence and friendly 'maybe' after this internship. I start to mingle with everyone. I manage to break my soft zone! Huge success for me I guess. More to come in 2015.!

2nd half of 2014:
I'm choosing my own path, taking major in Deepwater Engineering. I'm not doing the wrong choice at this moment! My classmate are very helpful, caring, loving, and macam - macam lah. I love them till end of my life. Playing with emotions, conflicts in group works seem to be normal for student. It gonna be more tough as I'm entering the working life. Dealing with people from different background and need to build chemistry in a short time.

Managing some works, dealing with new people taught me a lot. Thanks for giving me the chance! Counting days for graduation date, I learn to appreciate every single seconds in my daily life. Friends give a big impact in my life. Whenever my room-mate is not around, I'm gonna fall sick, yeah it's true! Even though we seldom have a long chit-chat, but deep in my heart I really love my room-mate. I learn to give and take, completing each other. Joining my 1st volunteer work was a great experience for me. Looking forward to join more.

Playing with feelings, yup someone has confessed to me. But, I still remain in silence about that matter. Is he really serious to have me and can accept me as who I am? Is he willing to wait for me around 3 - 4 years? Is he the chosen one or the right choice for me? Anything can happen today. I just want to be with my other half till end of life. Yeah, yeah, I'm 22 today and need to think about my future life. Where am I in next 5 years? Working in consultancy company? Doing post-graduate studies in Australia? Get married? Or having my 1st kid?

I always believe and know Allah has the best plan for me. I need to be more closer to Him to seek for His guidance in my life. I hope 2015 will be better than 2014 as I'm entering the new phase of my life. Engineer - to- be!

1000 pictures of 5 years in UTP have 1000 stories behind it. 

My vitamins for 5 years in UTP.

5 years and more to come!

IM4U with them.

Hope for the chance to be with PETRONAS! Amin.
My 2nd family for 5 years and more. 

Lia & Ina Carigali Holdings.

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