Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Self reminder

Salam & Hi to all,

Salam Ramadhan! How's your day? Me? Turning up side down. Projects, assignments, reports, etc..

Have you heard about the latest news? The attack on Gaza! Ya Allah, please protect my brothers,sisters there.

Kita ni sangat bertuah di Malaysia. Makanan berlambak-lambak, beautiful house, clothes, big cars, etc..
How about them in Gaza, Palestine? Sometimes, I do think about it.

My dadi used to say; " Kalau boleh dadi nak ambil sorang dua anak palestine jaga kt rumah, bagi makan, bagi pelajaran"

I'm thinking about that too! Hehehehe. The babies,kids are too cute! Poor them, still kena tembak, bakar, but syurga Allah menanti mereka.

"Ya Allah, please protect the Islam countries. Please save the ummah. Please save the babies, kids,women,elderly people. Let Islam win.."

What can I do today for them? Only DOA. I kept praying for them. I tried not to take McD anymore. Alhamdulillah, almost 2 months tak makan McD. Only for the sundae chocolate, need to cari pengganti.

Bye!. please pray for them!

(p/s: dah tengok video kak neelofa cerita pasal experience dia? here's the link:

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