Saturday, August 31, 2013

Note to self

Hi. Such a long long time we've never meet. Here are some presents for uolls.

You don’t have to be sexual & half naked to get attention. - You might get less attention, but you will get the attention that will make you feel good. The RIGHT attention. Are you smart? Smart boys will see that and find you interesting. Are you talented? Guys will see that eventually. Are you kind? Good guys will recognize that and want to know you. 
You can be yourself, whatever that really is, not whatever you think other people want that to be. - Don’t be a phony because if you are a phony, then eventually you’ll feel terrible. 
Be whoever you know deep down that you are supposed to be. And be proud of yourself for being a real person. Create yourself. Don't let magazines, models and morons create who they want you to be.
Don’t think every guy is judging you the way magazines and the media judge you. - They really aren’t. You are so much more beautiful than you know. And it’s not just the size of your boobs, your butt or how straight or curly your hair is that can make you beautiful. 
A cute smile, a funny thing you do with your eyes, the way you sneeze, you contagious laugh. Every little quirk adds up and makes you unique. If you treat people well, if you care about others, if you hold your head up high and are proud of the person you are: You will already be beautiful. And all of that matters so much more than grinding on a guy wearing a black and white striped suit and looking like an asshole.
Blaze your own trail. Be yourself. Take pride in yourself. Have dignity. Define yourself with your OWN qualities, not what everyone else wants you to be. You are amazing.... Be beautiful. Be blessed. Have an awesome day, regardless of who you are.
(p/s: copy from someone, regarding the latest issue of Miley Cyrus).

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