Monday, January 30, 2012

New Chapter Begin.

Salam 1 Malaysia. (wah,rasa mcm wartawan la pulak..)..kahkahkah..mimpi la aku.

I'm now 2nd 1st Mechanical Student. wow!.Alhamdullilah.
how time fly so fast..still in my mind on first day in UTP..with mom,cousins..
I can't imagine where am I now if I were not being in UTP....uhhhh..

okay,lets move class have started already.
everything seems to be going alright.but,during solid mechanics head stuck!
why? sbb 4 bulan xguna otak secara maximum.!

this week agak relax la..maklum la no assignments,quizzes yet..
pray for me people.! this sem is quite challenging.

untuk pengetahuan hampa,aku belajaq Modern Music ..lepas ni aku teror la main flute,trumpet,clarinet and so on...hahahaaha..

p/s: knp kau tgk aku mcm nak makan aku je?

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